Coturnix Quail Chicks just put into the Brooder

Here on Quail Life Farm we hatch out and raise to various ages a nice selection of Coturnix Quail. We sell as young as week old Quail Chicks and we raise up to young adult size (6 weeks) Coturnix Quail Birds. The customer places order here on the web site with a small deposit per bird, selecting the type of Coturnix Quail. Whether it be Jumbo Brown Coturnix, Jumbo Texas A&M Coturnix ( yes, Jumbos!) or Jumbo Silver Coturnix. The Jumbo Brown Coturnix and the Jumbo Texas A&M Coturnix are the most popular on the market today. The Jumbo Silver Coturnix are just plain “pretty” to look at! They all lay the same great sized eggs which we receive a lot of comments on them being “larger than what the folks get elsewhere”.


Text or Call me at 352 584 2066 if you have any questions.


We do have Live “Skillet Quail” for Sale . A Skillet Quail is our over run of Coturnix Quail Males and occassionally our Cotunix Quail Hens. They are available for pick up Only. They are “excellent” for eating or filling your Freezer. $3. each or if you buy over 25 they are $2. each. ” They are live at pick up.

You can contact me at (352) 584 2066 to Discuss your needs.


Please note : that all Sales are Final, deposits are non refundable and Live Birds are for Pick Up Only

Week Old Coturnix Quail Chick


We have Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail, Jumbo Texas A&M Coturnix Quail, Jumbo Silver Coturnix Quail and Northern Bob White Quail Chicks for Sale available year round. As we hatch out chicks every 2 weeks.

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We Do NOT ship Live Coturnix Quail Birds. We DO Ship Coturnix Quail Hatching Eggs which are gathered daily. Orders are taking 3-5 days on average to ship allowing that no shipping is done Friday – Sunday. Weather is a factor in how quickly an order is shipped. Cooler days affect volumn of Coturnix Quail eggs laid, affecting in turn number of Coturnix Quail eggs available to ship. So please understand we are shipping as Quickly as Humanly possible. Thank you


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