May 19th, 2024

For the past 3 years we have been donating to a local SPCA a portion of the proceeds from this web site. We are “upping our game” by creating another web site which features accessories, toys and books for cats, dogs, rabbits, pet birds, etc . A portion of the proceeds of sales from that web site will also be donated to our local SPCA. Thank you for helping to make our donations possible.

visit for all your pet needs with more items being added each week.

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We have eggs for Northern Bob Whites, Texas A&M’s, Jumbo Browns and Jumbo Silvers. If you are interested, please place your order on this web site, further down the page, as orders are starting to stack up in anticipation of hatching chicks. We do a FIFO on orders, so the sooner you get your order placed, the sooner you are notified they are ready for pick up. You will need to place a small 50 cent per chick deposit at time of order. Any questions feel free to text me at: 352 584 2066.

Please note that we also have Northern Bob White Eggs as well as Tennessee Red eggs available for immediate shipping.


Due to popular demand, we are still able to offer the Homesteader special.

We have available for immediate pick up “Clutches” of Adult Jumbo Brown Birds. The clutch consists of: 12 Adult Hens and 4 Adult Males. They are 8 – 10 weeks of age with “most” of the Hens already laying eggs! They have been raised up together so they should provide a peaceful coexistence. You will need “at least” a 24″ x 36″ cage, but bigger is always better for their comfort.

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There is a nice selection of “Skillet Quail” available. They are young and healthy and will be delicious when prepared using your favorite wild game “or” favorite chicken recipe. Place your order “NOW” as they are going quickly.


When picking up your order, Ask Bill how to prepare the Skillet Birds as he has several favorite recipes!!


A descent roof over their heads, quality feed, fresh water and vitamins with electrolytes are all that you need for the Coturnix quail to keep them happy and healthy. So order now and start enjoying them.

We sell our birds at :

1 week old – straight run,

3 weeks old – straight run

and 6 week old when they can be sexed.

There is no minimum order, but I do recommend at least 3 birds. In case something were to happen to 1 of them at least the other 2 still have a companion.

Also note that we must charge $5 for a carrier box if you buy less than 5 birds.

If you have any questions; maybe you have not raised Quail before; or just want to be refreshed about their care; feel free to contact me by Text and I will help you figure out what you need to make them comfortable and happy. (352) 584 – 2066 cell #.

We do “not” ship chicks or young birds as it is just too hard on them. So it is “pick up only” at the Farm Gate. When your desired order becomes available We schedule an appointment with you for picking up. We live down a 1 lane dirt road that does have “pull overs” but we prefer that you do not meet another customer who is no more familiar with the road than you are going or coming, thus the scheduling of an appointment time.

We are now offering 5 # bags of feed as well as 50 # bags. Please add to your order prior to check out. The appropriate 22% or 28 % will be used to fill your order. This is exactly the same feed that we are currently feeding the birds here on the farm. It is fresh with no preservatives, straight from the Mill. Note this is for ” pick up only”.

We are also now offering a commercial grade of Vitamins with Electrolytes, this is needed for your birds health. We give it to our birds weekly for 1 -6 weeks old chicks and then one time a month for older birds. It also helps to “settle” them if given immediately upon getting your new birds home. It is in a 6 oz. container and you mix it in their drinking water.

If you are wanting Hatching Eggs, place your order for the desired amount on this website. If ordered by Friday, normally your order will go out Monday or Tuesday of the next week. Of course allowing for nasty weather and Holidays. We always send a few extra eggs in case of any cracking that might occur during travel. The price shown does include “FREE” Priority Mail Shipping or UPS or FedEx (depends on where order is going and what you tell me is the best service in your area.) When the label is created A tracking number is provided to you by our ShipStation service, by Email, so you can track your order. (also Check your Spam folder). If in doubt about where your order is, feel free to Text me at (352) 584 – 2066.

If you desire fresh “Eating Eggs” please contact me by Text at (352) 584 2066 so that we can arrange an appointment for you to pick up your eggs.

Kindly Note: that in the case of live birds, we require a small .50 cent deposit per chick/bird at time of placing your order. The balance due is paid at time of pick up by exact cash, please. All deposits are non refundable if you cancel your order.

Also Note: We ship within the United States “only”. If you are outside of this range please make any necessary arrangements to get the product out of country Legally. Several of our “out of Country” Customers arrange to have items sent to family or friends here and then pick up from them asap.

If you have any questions about raising your quail or hatching your eggs feel free to contact me (Cheryl) at (352) 584 2066 so we can discuss it. (Texting is best) but we can arrange a time to talk.

Thank you

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