We are Hatching out Coturnix Chicks and Northern Bob White Chicks each week as quickly as Mother Nature Allows. Upon Ordering, your patience is appreciated as we are filling orders as quickly as the chicks become the age desired. But we do have a short backlog. Anytime you want to check on your order you can text me at: (352) 584 2066 for an update. Just please have your order number available.

We Do Not ship chicks or young birds as it is just too hard on them. So it is “pick up only” at the Farm Gate. When your desired order becomes available We schedule an appointment with you for picking up. We live down a 1 lane dirt road that does have “pull overs” but we prefer that you do not meet another customer who is no more familiar with the road than you are going or coming, thus the scheduling of an appointment time.

We are now offering 5 # bags of feed for $5.00 each. Please add to your order prior to check out. The appropriate 22% or 28 % will be used to fill your order. This is exactly the same feed that we are currently feeding the birds here on the farm. It is fresh with no preservatives, straight from the Mill. Note this is for ” pick up only”.

If you are wanting Hatching Eggs, place your order for the desired amount on this website. If ordered by Friday, normally your order will go out Monday or Tuesday of the next week. Of course allowing for nasty weather and Holidays. We always send a few extra eggs in case of any cracking that might occurr during travel. The price shown does include “FREE” Priority Mail Shipping. When the label is created A tracking number is provided so you can track your order. (Check your Spam folder)

If you desire fresh “Eating Eggs” please contact me by Text at (352) 584 2066 so that we can arrange an appointment for you to pick up your eggs.

Kindly Note: that in the case of live birds, we require a small .50 cent deposit per chick/bird at time of placing your order. The balance due is paid at time of pick up by exact cash, please. All deposits are non refundable if you cancel your order.

If you have any questions about raising your quail or hatching your eggs, feel free to contact me (Cheryl) at (352) 584 2066 so we can discuss it. (Texting is best) but we can arrange a time to talk.

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