JUMBO  BROWN QUAIL CHICKS are one of the Best Meat And Egg Bird available on the market Today. Nice meaty birds that produce good sized eggs only 6 weeks after they hatch. They are Docile Birds which makes them Great for children to work with.

Please Note: 1st batch for 2023 should  be ready end of March !!!

Due to us changing our method of hatching chicks We are taking orders for week old chicks and will be hatching one time a month, rather than keeping a selection on hand, Which means orders placed by the 15th of this month will be ready for pick up on or before the 15th of the next month. Since hatching is not an “exact science” it is possible that your order may be ready quicker than the following month due to extra chicks hatching. You can text me to check on your order,

Please place your order and for each chick ordered you will be charged a .50 cent deposit with the BALANCE DUE  of $5.00  at time of Pick Up.

We Do NOT Ship Live Birds at this time.

If we don’t have the chick available at the age you are wanting when you order, we will advise you when they will be available.

Any questions, feel free to call me at 352 584 2066.



If you cancel your order you will forfeit your deposit

This is a Deposit Only,  $5.00   balance due at time of pick up.