We are about 2 months out on finishing our book on how to raise quail. It will be a detailed book on these interesting birds who will provide you with delicious meat and healthy eggs. We have had 10+ years of experience raising them.

The book will cover what is needed for housing: the best type of cage, aviary or barn needed depending on if you are planning on just having a few for pets that provide what your household needs for eggs or meat.

Or, if you are wanting to sell birds and eggs for a little extra pocket money we will suggest designs for your outside cages for ease of working with them.

Or, if you want to create a business that can be scaled to any size you desire to make it we will offer barn design and cage layout necessary for ease of operation and expansion.

This is a comprehensive book on raising quail for fun or profit.

Information will be shared about the best feeders and waterers to be used depending on the type of cages or living quarters you decide on.

We recommend the type of feed that is needed and a rough estimate of amount of food to feed each day. As well as how much vitamins with electrolytes to offer them and the easiest way to be sure they get all of it rather than wasting it.

There is a lot of information that will be shared with you in an easy to read format. Don’t make the mistakes that “so” many new growers make, make a small investment in our book that will save you considerable time and money especially if you have never raised them before.

Please enter your name and best email address and when the book is ready you will be notified that it is available. The first 30 people who sign up will receive a “FREE” digital copy. So sign up Now !