We produce quality Texas A & M fertile Quail Eggs that are gathered often thru out each day in order to insure that they are kept viable. When an order is placed, it is filled from the prior day’s collection and mailed out in a well padded Priority box by USPS. (other shipping options are available.) They will arrive within 2 or 3 days. You are notified by email or phone according to your preference when it is shipped with a tracking number. So that you are prepared for its arrival.

Our breeder hens are feed a high quality feed bought fresh from a local Mill, prepared with no preservatives to keep them at their best. Their eggs are graded for size and conformation so that you receive only the best of eggs that will produce a top quality chick.

The Texas A & M quail is bred for its delicious meat and egg laying ability.The meat to bone ratio is better than what it is for most other breeds and the eggs are close to a Banty Chicken egg in size. They are a fast maturing bird, with only 6 weeks time from when the egg has hatched and that chick in turn is laying eggs. Imagine, 6 weeks!

Since we started raising the Texas A&M quail, we have been “up-breeding” for size and confirmation. We start each new round of up-breeding by selecting the largest chicks, raising those particular birds up to 6 weeks of age. Then we select out the largest birds with good confirmation at a 3 hen to 1 male ratio. Putting them in the hen house to start producing eggs. After two months we select out the largest, best conformed eggs they produce hatching them to produce the next round of up-breeding. Our new born chicks are larger and the overall grown bird is larger each time we up-breed.

Please call so that we can discuss: quantity, pricing and delivery options. 352 584 2066.  Please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  Or, visit our SHOP page for fast and convenient ordering.