The Birds are healthy and this year’s stock.  They were hand picked to be used as breeders due to their size and docile manner.


The Texas A & M Egg is higher in nutrients than a chicken egg. With the hens producing 5 eggs a week they are a good flock bird that is easy to keep and Great for children in particular as they are a wonderful, docile bird to work with. If you are not wanting to Hatch your own chicks then there is not a need for males as the hens will produce as good without them. The males can be enjoyed in your favorite recipe.

They were developed as a “Meat and Egg Bird” by the Texas A & M University of Texas. Their meat is a little lighter in color than the regular Coturnix.

There is 24 Eggs to an order and they are shipped FREE. Press the “add to Cart” button then on the next page you can change the amount of eggs you are wanting.