High Quality” Bag of Feed.  Save yourself some “Hassle” getting started with your new hobby by taking the “guess work” out of buying the appropriate feed needed to get your chicks or Adult birds off to a “great” start by maintaining the health of “your bird purchase.


We are now offering 5 # bags of feed and 50# bags of feed. The appropriate 22% (for adult birds) or 28 % (for week old chicks  up to 6 weeks old)  will be used to fill your order. This is exactly the same feed that we are currently feeding the birds here on the farm. It is fresh with no preservatives, straight from the Mill.  Save yourself some “hassle” and get a starter bag of feed  or a 50# bag.  “At the Gate” we can discuss your future  feed needs; i.e.:   suggested best feed to purchase, where’s the best place to purchase and approximate amount needed.

In the “note” section mention if you are wanting 5# or 50#.