Consulting for the Novice or the person who wants to “step up their” Hobby to a “Back Yard Business”.

Pricing varies per degree of service requested.


We provide, one on one Consulting services for people just beginning to explore a new Hobby of growing a few quail  as well as Folks wanting to “Step Up Their Game”  by creating a little extra income with a back yard business.

Novice Plan  $30.00 (1 time fee)

  1.  We can help you understand what it takes and guide you towards the best type of: Feed, Feeders, waters, vitamins, incubators, hatchers and Brooders.
  2.   How to select the proper type of Quail to raise.
  3.   H ow to grow out your quail for the healthiest birds and to have them reach optimum growth.
  4.   Help you decide on what to do with your excess birds or eggs.

Or,  if you have been growing them for a while and would like to take that interest in Quail to the next level and would like to start a small back yard business.  Whether it be; selling a few eggs to customers or starting a small quail meat supplier business.

Back Yard Business Plan $90.00 (1 time fee)  just order “3”  items for a total of $90.00

With the Back Yard Business Plan we help you with:

  1.  How to decide what type of business you want to go into with your quail
  2.   What type of set up you need for caging, Shelter and equipment (design “does” matter)
  3.   We can advise you on how to buy your feed economically
  4.    Give you guidance on setting up a simple Excel program for tracking egg hatching
  5.  We can help you with How to begin to market your products
  6.   How to advertise both paid and free.
  7.   How to begin keeping proper records
  8.   How to deal with issues that you may run into with your small back yard business.

Just to name a few of our topics we cover.

Note:  we advise you by phone, email or text, if you wish for an  “on site”  consultation there is an additional charge, decided by distance and how quickly you want it done.

We have been hatching, raising and selling Quail “Successfully” for over 9 years now and you will get both my Husband’s and my expertise for a total of 18 years combined experience.

Call:  352 584 2066 to discuss your needs