Enjoy delicious, healthy-for-you Quail in your favorite recipes.




$3.00  each for 1-24 birds or 2.00 each Over  25

Buy Skillet Quail and Enjoy a Delicious Meal prepared using our Skillet Birds.  They are Healthy and  Mostly Males as more Hens are purchased leaving an over run of the Males.

If you have never prepared Quail just use them in your favorite Chicken recipe.   They are a delicious and healthy change to chicken.

Call if you have any questions:  352 584 2066.

We ask that you place a .50 deposit when you order then balance in cash is due upon pick up.

1-24 birds is $3.00 each or purchase 25+ and get a Great bargain at only $2.00 each.

Call 352 584 2066 if you have any questions.