Monthly Digital Only Newsletter  12 Month Subscription


We are happy to announce the addition of our Monthly “Digital Only” Newsletter which covers but is not limited to:

1.   How to select the right type of Quail for your homestead or back yard flock

2.   Selecting the necessary equipment to give your birds a good environment.

3.   How to Properly care for your Flock.

4.  How to keep your Flock Healthy.

5.  Selecting the Proper additional animals per your interest and needs to round out your Homestead.

6.  Care of your new animals and their proper Related Equipment.

7.  How to profit from your Hobby or Homestead Business.

8.  Delicious Recipes.

9.  Designing cages and barns to properly house your animals.

And much, much more!

We each have over 9 years experience in Breeding, Hatching and raising Coturnix, Buttons and Bob White Quail.

Along with the Monthly publication FULL of pertinent information you will have access to my cell phone # for a “30” minute, one-on-one Question and Answer Session.  Then you can text me as often as you like as you will probably have additional questions that “pop up”.

Try our service for:

12 months – $39.95


6 months – $29.95

The Subscription Service will Begin on the 5th of January 2022.

The Next 10 Subscribers will be  CHARTER MEMBERS which includes 1 additional year of membership FREE!

So Hurray and sign up Today to get that 1 year FREE subscription (if you are one of the first 10 to sign up) and the never ending access to a Mentor!