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24+ Fertile Tibetan Tuxedo Quail Hatching eggs from High Quality Meat & Egg Birds. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
The flock of Hens are NPIP and AI tested to insure they are healthy and producing healthy eggs.
They are fed an excellent quality feed straight from the local Mill with no preservatives added. And they receive quality 200′ deep well water that rivals  Dasanti water!


The Tuxedo quail egg not only has amazing protein, it contains good cholesterol and a high concentration of minerals and vitamins. When comparing quail eggs vs chicken eggs, one quail egg contains six times more vitamin B1 and 15 times more vitamin B2.

We have been shipping eggs for years and have a very good success rate of getting them to the customer in great shape! Occassionally a package gets roughed up in transit

We do not accept returns