We are a “Mom & Pop” Quail Farm providing all ages of Coturnix Quail, Northern Bob White Quail and Buttons.

  Our own hens provide the eggs that we hatch and  Chicks can be purchased from a week old on up to adulthood. 

Birds are for sale year round.  We are NPIP tested and AI clean.

Bill and I provide all of the care to our Flock from nurturing our new born chicks to seeing to the day to day care of the young birds to caring  for the mature birds. 

We gather the eggs daily from our Breeder Hens as well as processing, packaging and shipping the daily sales purchased through this web site. 





We do not Ship Live Birds,

We DO ship eggs.

You can contact me by text or calling to 352 584 2066 to discuss your needs

Please note that all sales are final and deposits are non refundable.

We do have Live “Skillet Birds” available most of the time. They are excellent for eating or filling your freezer. $3 each or if you buy 25 or more they are $2 each.