We are a family owned and operated quail farm and hatchery. Specializing in Northern Bob White Quail,  Chukars,  Texas A & M Quail and Button Quail, the worlds smallest quail.

Some years ago we had been into raising meat rabbits commercially with typically 2000 rabbits on hand at any one given time. At about the same time in our life we started our own Air Conditioning business. As that business took off, we found we did not have the time to deal with that business as well as the rabbit business.  So slowly we downsized the rabbits.

About a year ago, while semi retiring from the A/C trade and trying to find a hobby for my husband Bill,  we ran across a man who was raising Texas A & M Quail.  We purchased a very small flock of breeders from him and that began our start in raising Quail. As Bill became more enthused about them, we expanded our interest into raising Northern Bob White Quail.  We found a wonderful couple whom we purchased our starter flock from. Their enthusiasm and willingness to answer our questions has played a major part in our decision to move forward.

By using the equipment we had left from the Rabbit business we were able to  fairly easily convert most of it to meet the needs of the Quail.  Bill was so enthused about the birds, that as time went by and I started reading up on quail and getting more involved in “his hobby” it became apparent to both of us, that we should take this to the next level. Taking what we knew about raising a massive amount of rabbits and applying the same basic concept of giving them comfortable, clean living conditions; providing them with plenty of excellent feed and fresh water, we have been able to increase our flock of all 4 breeds.  So Quail Life Farm and Hatchery was born!  We are a fledgling business but “We Are Growing”!

Thank you for your interest,

Bill & Cheryl Webster