MAY 2018

Once again, We are taking orders for our Flight Conditioned Bob White Quail. We have some nice, healthy young chicks that will be ready starting September and a continuous flow of Bob’s available through the hunting season. Get your orders in as early as possible, so you dont miss out on your hunting this coming Season.

        Hurricane Irma put a Major Hole  in our              production  by the loss of Hens, Flight                  Conditioned, Trainers, chicks and eggs.               but we are now back in   YEAR ROUND               PRODUCTION!  Trainers are available                 beginning in July.

Call 352-584-2066 now to reserve your                birds. 

Quail Life Farm & Hatchery specializes in           Bob White Quail.  And can  provide;                     Week  old chicks,fertile eggs, semi-                         mature    birds, breeders and Flight                         Conditioned birds.  No order is to small!

WE CATER TO THE INDIVIDUAL                           HUNTER

Last year we offered CHUKARS, this                     year  we are again offering them,  as the              hunters  who tried them gave us very                    good “feed back” on their flight.  Though            we will have more than last year,                              numbers  are still limited. They are a nice            “meaty”  bird, great to hunt and a great                 taste  when cooked  in your favorite                       gamebird  recipe!

Recent feedback from hunters who purchased our birds has been favorable! Saying that the quail: start good and fly good! Our birds continue to receive excellent reviews for the  2017-2018 season

If you are looking for  quail to eat then try our Texas A&M quail that were developed as a meat and egg bird.  The meat to bone ratio is excellent and the egg is highly nutritious. We have available: dressed quail, eggs for human consumption, hatching eggs, week olds and breeders.

We have available hatching eggs from our rare colored Button Quail.  They are the world’s smallest breed of quail topping out at 3 1/2″ tall.  They tame down rather quickly to become a wonderful addition to your aviary or as a house pet. Their coloration is amazing!

           We are located in Hernando County                     near Nobleton, Fl.

            Call 352 584 2066  to discuss r                         how we can help you!